A Writer’s Life Women of Color Writing & Wellness Group


A Writer’s Life Women of Color Writing & Wellness Group

Second & 4th Sundays

10:30 am–1:00 pm

$15-25 per group (sliding scale)


Preserving wellness and creative space for Women of Color Writers to share creative process and to build and celebrate Woman of Color Community. In addition, to and share coping and liberating strategies to conquer sexism, racism, ableism, colorism and other systems of oppression while living and creating in multicultural families and communities. These services can be provided in person and via phone skype anywhere.


10:30 am-11:00 pm                   BYO Coffee, Tea, Fruit, Snack

11:00 am-1:00 pm                     Group 

Group Process

Check In:                                20min

Writing Wellness: Reading Time-Writing Time-Revising-Reading Out Loud-

Writing Partners-Writing Support-Momentum Toward Publishing

New Writing or Revision                 30 min.

Revise                                                     15 min.

Mini Creative Work Workshop      30 min.

Homework                                              5 min.

Check Out                                              20 min.

Reserve Space with:

Andrea R. Canaan, MSW, MFA

Verve Wellness Studio

1231 Cortland Avenue

San Francisco, California 94110

415-515-5943 (Please leave a message should I not be able to answer your call.) 

Email: andreacanaan@gmail.com



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