A Writer’s Life Offerings

Writing Groups and Writing Camp

Reminders: Writing Group & Writing Camp Located at Verve Wellness Studio in San Francisco.

Dear Women, Yes, Writing Group will convene this Sunday!
Come join us in a restorative space, with creative women writing about the restoration of a sane an just worldthrough their lives and work in the world. 

Writing Camp runs Friday the 11th, Saturday 12th, & Sunday the 13th. Please see flyer and, if you have not already informed us, let us know you will be attending. We will then be able to assure your space at 
Writing Camp.

In addition, please attend a Free Offering: Healing and Restorative Writing Circle, Thursday, October 10, 2019 6:30

 pm-9:30 pm (Writers camp participants are encouraged to attend.) Periodically, we need to tend to the harms

 we cause ourselves and one another. We will use our individual and collective writing practices to build and maintain authentically loving, telling, hearing, and support restorative wellbeing among womyn.  

Please share these offering widely if doing so would delight you.
Please remember to take exquisite care of yourself and those you love and honor in these times of extreme national stress and worry, in addition to our own personal challenges. The best antidote to these stresses and worries is tonotice and take in every instance of kindness and joy that is everywhere within you, those you love and care with 
and in our world. Choose joy and connection first.

Please give me a call with your questions, needs and concerns regarding these offerings.
Lean into Joy.

Andrea R Canaan, MSW,MFA
A Writers Life 
Verve Wellness Studio
1231 Cortland Avenue
S.F., Ca 94110
415-515-5943Email: andreacanaan@gmail.com
Website: https://andreacanaan.blog
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Andrea-Canaan-Author-456010704809232/

Individual Wellness and Writing Consultation


Free Initial Individual Wellness Consultation for writers, artists, and those who use creativity and imagination to navigate their lives and world with a Novelist and Memoirist with extensive teaching and emotional support experience.

Do you have stories that beg you to write them down? Has your writing or artist life and practice been stalled or placed on a back burner? Have you been thinking about or longing to start, revise, complete or move to publishing that novel, memoir, poetry collection or essay collection? What is in the way of you having a more vibrant and productive creative life?

Explore individual creative–­wellness consultation and group writing classes and workshops that will start January 2019. Give yourself a gift of one free specialized individual creative and wellness consultation.

$85.00 per session

Sliding Scale and Bartering Opportunities Available

By Appointment

Contact : Andrea Canaan–phone 415-515-5943 (Please leave message if no pick up)  email:andreaccanaan@gmail.comweb site: https://andreacanaan.bloghttps://www.facebook.com/Andrea-Canaan-Author-456010704809232/

A Writers Group Serving Women, Women of Multi- Cultural–Multi Ethic Heritages


2nd& 4th Sundays

Morning: 10:30 am–12:30 pm   

Preserving Women’s wellness and creative space for writers to share creative process and to build and celebrate the writings of Women of Color & Women of European Descent communities. In addition, to and share coping and liberating strategies to conquer sexism, racism, ableism, colorism, anti-Semitism, islamophobia and other systems of structural oppression while living and creating in multicultural families and communities. These services can be provided in person and via phone skype anywhere.

Fee: $15-25 per group.

Andrea Canaan & Charlene Allen Invite you to a Women Writers Camp

A Writer’s Life Writer’s Camps provide a nurturing writing environment grounded in supported writing, building writing and creative community, promoting individual wellness, and publishing and promoting our writing and creative work. Our time together will include individual consultation, writing, revising, workshop, and a public reading. For more information and Writing Camp Schedule please contact us.

Fee:$ 300

Free First Individual Consultation at Beginning of class

Paid Individual Consultation Available Throughout

Writer’s Life Fee Packages, Internships, Pay As You Go & Partial Scholarships Available 

Location: Verve Wellness Studio1231 Cortland Ave-Cortland at the corner of Cortland and  Sanchez in Bernal Heights Neighborhood-San Francisco, California 94110

Contact : Andrea Canaan–phone 415-515-5943 (Please leave message if no pick up)  email:andreaccanaan@gmail.comweb site: https://andreacanaan.bloghttps://www.facebook.com/Andrea-Canaan-Author-456010704809232/