Winter Births 


I am here




The coming nows

Our souls hurtling 

From lives and time’s completions

The stars, suns and moons

Moving in star’s light time

To arrive long–long years before 

These ourselves are born

All that is needed, wanted

 Is carry in the star dust of our being as

Memories of our last selves

Curls into Fire flies dancing in long grass

Fiddle heads tightly furled

Figs’ inward flowers seeded to bloom

We have chosen these woman to carry us to full term

To bring premortal and primordial  worlds’

Dreamings and knowings to and through us

So that we may raise them

So that they may raise us

To fulfill our cycles of destined  returns

Among clouds of star dust.

© Andrea Canaan

Atlanta Georgia

December 2022

The Gifts of These Days and Nights

The Gifts of These Days and Nights

May we fill with gratitude with all we have 

May we share our selves, our time, our resources 

May we be at peace with ourselves alone

May we be in remembrance of those gone before us

May we allow our endings in grace

May we embrace our beginnings with courage and delight 

May we feast, drum, sing, and dance in love and prayer

in the lights and gifts of these coming days and nights 

© Andrea Canaan

     Atlanta, Georgia

     December 23, 2022

Let Us Go Down

Let us go down

Lay down in song and prayer

Into winter’s calming, quieting rest.

Let us go down to rest

Ease our souls, our minds, our hearts

While celestial orbs journey back

Toward spring’s promised return to

Revive us,

Awaken us, renew us,

Repurpose us, rededicate us to

Ourselves, each other, our families, 

Our communities, our worlds.

Let us go down

Lay down in song and prayer

As we 

Light candles and burn purple mountain sage

For those long gone and

Those new souls just crossing over

Let us go down

Lay down in song and prayer 

For their welcome and 

For our eventual return.

In Joy,


© Andrea R. Canaan

Atlanta, Georgia

Revised December  2022

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