A Writer’s Life Wellness and Teaching Practice


A Writer’s Life is a writing wellness and teaching practice serving emerging and established writers who are published, working toward being published, and who are not thinking about publishing yet. Some of us writers don’t truly know and understand ourselves to be writers when we truly are. Some of us have years of stories that never get told or put on paper. Some of us get the writing on paper, but not completed or revised or edited or finished with a tight amount of author satisfaction. Some of us have a book within us that is waiting for us to allow tit to come through us into the world outside of us. Some of us are ready or getting ready to enrich ourselves with a writing community, support, and teachers that will allow us to embrace our writer’s life. 

Writing and Wellness Practices 

Do you want to write your stories, poems, essays–write someone else’s story–explore your writing and lived experience–gain insight about how your creative mind, emotions, and process works? Make note of everything that appears to be an impediment to bringing your writing into full, powerful, and productive being. Develop tools, practices, and communities that support you and your work. Turn your writing into powerful and effective essays, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. 

Writing Practice  

Learn, refresh your learning, deepen your learning of creative writing craft elements, and apply them to your writing. Write creatively, effectively and productively. Read and critique other participant’s writing and  have your writing critiqued in an environment that provides feedback that upports your writing to its best version.  

Writing Workshop 

Share your work with Writing Practice Co-learners. Provide feedback on the pages of their work before the workshop. During the workshop give and receive feedback from co-learners with the sole purpose of supporting the writing to be its best version. Read from published writing from the course reader, read other students’ writing, examine craft elements, and have a combined discussion of the readings and craft elements for the purpose of improving the writing. Present your own writing to class to be workshopped by peers who will examine craft elements and discuss the writing and writing craft for the purpose of making the writing better.

Writing Practice and Writing Workshop are combined in three hour sessions. 

A Writer’s Life Writing Camp 

In Writer’s Camp you will write intensively over a period of three days mixing writing and sharing your work toward a specific writing goal.



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