Make Some Time to Greet the AWL Writing–Creative New Year Together!

Get out your calendars to welcome and mark the 

day and time Suma Nagaraj who has traveled here 

from Bangalore, India and can finally join us without 

time zone restrictions. 

Squeeze us in to welcome new members:

Annie Kunjappy, Patsy Creedy & Jess 

Yes for many of us the times and days are hard to 

make work. Please try to make this week’s groups work.

Some of us have taken a pause or a break from AWL Groups. 

Or we are a home you have not visited in a while. Please 

come to one of your writing and creative homes this week to 

let us celebrate together beginning  our writing and creative 

new year.

For some of us  AWL is no longer a writing home, 

yet we have good memories, writing friends and 

writing partners among us. Come and say hello 

and celebrate the new creative year with us.  

AWL Group Links:

Tuesday Women of Color Writer’s Group                                 10-11:30 am PST            1:00 2:30 EST

Wednesday AWL Women’s Writers Group                                1-2:30 pm PST               4-5:30 pm PST

Wednesday AWL Women’s Writer’s Group Extended

Wednesday Group will end at 2:30 pm PST. Beginning January 11, 2023, those who chose to do so will take a fifteen minute break and reconvene for an additional 1.5 hours dedicated to writing & or reading from works in progress. 

In Joy,


Andrea R. Canaan, MSW, MFA

1004 Diamante – Rio, Vista, Ca. 94571


Radical Creative Womanist Workshopping in Community 2023 Dates

Must have at least four participants for workshop to convene

Morning Session 9:00 am – 12:30 pm session 

Afternoon Session 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm session in Rio Vista

Saturday, January 14th & 28th  2023

Saturday, February 11th & 25th 2023

March 11th and 25th 2923

April 8th & 22nd  2023

May 13th & 27th 2023

Members: $30.00 per session         Non Members: $60.00 per session

Individual Face to Face & Zoom or Facetime Sessions are available

In Joy, 


Andrea R. Canaan, MSW, MFA

1004 Diamante – Rio, Vista, Ca. 94571


Pay Here with PayPal         or         Venmo  @Andrea-Canaan-1

Winter Beginnings

A Writer’s Life – Winter Beginnings

Twenty Minute Daily Practices 

For Creative Rejuvenation and Sustenance

5 Minute Stretch or More

5 Minute Meditation or More

5 Minute Affirmations

  • Self I thank you for
  • Self I forgive you for
  • Self I commit to you that
  • Five Minute Write into Prompt or Other Creative Writing
  • Share Twenty Minute Daily Practices with a writing partner(s) for 
  • Support and Accountability
  • Text or email or call and say out loud your
  •  “I thank yous to support & accountability partner
  • Partner texts back: “Received”

A source for meditation follows:

The Great Bell Chant Thich Naht Hanh

Use your own music or meditation or affirmations or 

personal prayers or songs to support meditation as you wish

I will gladly be your Twenty Minute Daily Practices Writing Partner.


“Remember that sometimes 

not getting what you want is 

a wonderful stroke of luck.”  

–  Dalai Lama

January 1, 2023


I thank you for the  wind, 

Rain and cold as well as

Sun heat

Whatever the turnings of 

day and night bring for 

all of our living

I forgive you for not being

Present constantly, consistently, 

Conscientiously to receive the 

Gifts and teachings of our natural 


I commit to be 

More curious

More constant

More consistent

More  conscientious 

More respectful and in

More wonder in our natural worlds