A Writer’s Life Invites You to Chronicle Your Experiences of Our Perilous Times

These are perilous times. These are also times filled with challenges and opportunities to pause, listen, allow, pray, reflect, connect, envision, and innovate. In addition, we are charged with saving ourselves, each other, and our world. Journal with pen and pencil, voice recording, art, music, movement etc. Make a record of these times for yourself, and for your beloved ones and for those who come after you. 

Here’s a suggestion, one way, to structure and hold our thoughts, feelings, visions, brilliances, and knowings.

Write it Down

  • Write for 5-15 minutes each day or more if it delights you
  • Put the timer on  
  • Write with a commitment to transform your dreams, prayers, stories, songs, music, joy, sadness, anger, fear, silence, anxiety, immobility… onto the page and into positive, productive, and powerful action and art
  • What to do:
  • Choose a time
  • Choose a comfortable space
  • Set your timer
  • Center and breathe with intention for 1-5 minutes 

Or more, as is your practice 

  • Ask yourself and your guides for support & help you
  • Set your timer again
  • Write until your timer signals stop
  • After resetting your timer: Revise your writing
  • Read your writing out loud. Yes, this is a very good practice
  • Should it delight you to write more, reset your timer 
  • Write again
  • Reset timer & Revise again
  • Read out loud again
  • End your session
    • Give thanks to your Higher Power & Guides
    • Have a long drink of water or tea or…
  • Make a folder for your chronicling, name and date each entry & Save!
    • Put on some music & stretch & or dance & or take a walk, keeping Covid-19 safe
  • Share your chronicling experience with another 

by phone or email or text or snail mail, etc., should that delight you. 

Share it with your writing group or support group or via social media 

  • Read it out loud to a beloved one.  

Join me, starting Monday, March 23, 2020 for:

  • Morning Write: Monday – Friday from 7:30 am – 8:30 am Pacific Time
  • Evening Write: Monday – Friday from 8:00 pm- 9:00 pm Pacific Time 
  • I’ll be posting my daily writes at https://andreacanaan.blog and on Facebook 

Contact me for one-to-one writing consultation Or a time to read out loud your morning or evening write Orshare your morning or evening write with me via email. I will keep all of your writing in strict confidentiality. Please send as PDF so it cannot be changed. And, add the copyright sign, © On your keyboard press left parenthesis, plus the letter c, plus right parenthesis to produce the copyright sign.

Send confirmation that you would like to join a morning or evening write by email and or phone to receive Writing in Perilous & Innovative Times emails and texts. 

A Writer’s Life

Andrea Canaan, MSW, MFA




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