Writing in a Time of Peril: March 30, 2020

March 30,2020

The Johns Hopkins CSSE dashboard is reporting 144,672 US cases and 2,575 deaths as of 12:00 pm on March 30 and 163,838 and 3,003 deaths as of 9:00 pm March 30, 2020.

I arise with mourning doves, blue jays, and yellow headed black birds 

sing the morning new. 

I pray, feel, move, dance, sing, 

connect, share and provide

I lean into 

Survival’s tenacity

Sanity’s constant purchase

Joys demand for delight r

Reason’s full attention

Justice’s constant bending

I continue to go down my to-do list of selfcare: meditate, eat well, rest well, get exercise, connect, connect, connect, stay home, except for the pharmacy & the grocery & then only with mask and gloves & when there a very few people about. Watch less TV, but stay informed. Laugh a lot. Channel fear and rage into expression, action and art. 

I play Elizabeth S.’ shared playlist

Fetch Your Life                                          Prince Kaybee

Wild is the Wind                                       Nina Simone

Here Comes the Sun                                 Nina Simone 

Do you Love Me                                     The Contours

Money                                                      Barrett Strong

Shop Around                                             Smokey

Stubborn Kind of Fellow                         Marvin Gaye

Pride and Joy                                             Marvin Gaye

Twist and Shout                                         Isley Brothers

One Dance                                                Drake

Guaya Guaya                                              Don Omar

Shining                                            Grateful DJ Khaled/ Beyonce, JayZ

Nobody                                              Grateful DJ Khaled/Alicia Keys

Encourage Yourself                            Tri-City Singers

Come Into My Life                               Patti LaBelle

Rolling in the Deep                               Aretha Franklin 

Only Holy                                             Jamila Woods

No More Drama                              Mary J. Blige

I’m Lucky                                             Joan Armatrading

Golden                                           Jill Scott

Love’s In Need,                                 Stevie Wonder

Heaven is 10 Zillion 

Light Years Away                                 Stevie Wonder

I continue to chronicle these times.

© Andrea Canaan, MSW, MFA



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