Writing in a Time of Peril: April 7, 2020

The Johns Hopkins CSSE dashboard is reporting 338,995 US cases, an increase of 93,337 since Friday, April 3, 2020, and 9,683 deaths, an increase of 3,625 as of 11:45am on April 6, 2020.

The Johns Hopkins CSSE dashboard is reporting 378,289 US cases, an increase of 30,294 and from the day before and 11,830 deaths, 2,147 more deaths than the day before as of 12:00pm on April 7, 2020.

Do the math!

Take a Moment 

Celebrate every day. Be in joy for every moment. Rejoice every hospital discharge and return. 

Take a moment to be in joy.

Acknowledge and hold the horrific loss and grief of those known and unknown to us.

Take a moment to mourn the departed.

Hold in your hearts those who have lost beloved ones in these times.

Take a moment to embrace the mourners.

Lift up and hold hospital orderlies, nurse assistants, nurses, doctors and all hospital staff, including first responders. Know that they are taking traumatic blows of this pandemic. Do not forget the care and support they need now and in the future to preserve their lives, to cope, to heal, to recover. 

Notice other’s sacrifices and do not forget. 

Take a moment.


Do not relax your efforts to stay safe, to reduce every chance that you will contract Covid-19 or transmit itRemember the eye of a hurricane. It may look clear, someone may even sound the all clear, someone who has not survived a hurricane that is, but there is no all clear until the entire storm has passed over all of us.

The time to contain Covid-19 in the US has passed, i.e., implement public health procedures to test, quarantine people who are positive or ill, trace and contact people who have come in contact with the positive or ill person, quarantine them if needed, repeat this process and repeat it again to contain or stop the spread to avoid total lock downs, and social and economic disruptions. 

Covid-19 is spreading. Death rates will increase exponentially until the recommended universal practices above, testing-testing-testing, quarantining, contact tracing, and repeating these processes until we stop dying.

Treasure your life and the lives of others. 

Save your life and the lives of others.

Live your life every day as if you and everyone you know had been exposed to 

Covid-19, and you could make everyone you came in contact with ill, even sick to death, even if you and others around you show no symptoms of Covid-19. 

Stay home.

Covid-19 is spread by people with symptoms and those who do not have symptoms

Covis-19 is spread by sneezing, coughing, even breathing on or near another 

Keep your home and yourself extra clean. 

Engage in Physical Distance

Engage in Social, Emotional, and Spiritual Connection.

Upon leaving home or whenever in contact with other people and surfaces, wear gloves and a mask. 

Upon returning home remove clothing, disinfect shoes, place clothing in washing machine and launder immediately or place in hamper. Use gloves and mask when eventually laundering your outside clothing.

Shower immediately, including washing your hair.

Throw away packaging anyone else has touched or wash with soapy water or wipe down with disinfectant. Rewash hands.

Microwave or reheat any take-out foods before eating.

Stay informed by trusted media, sparingly, and by CDC, WHO, and other reliable scientists and medical professionals.

Yes, take a walk, a bike ride, a run, while keeping physical distance.

Use social media to have dinner or a movie or a cocktail hour with your family and friends.

There are limited ways to celebrate our lives together or hold wakes or funerals or repasts. Let us use our limitless imaginations and creativity to create and hold our families, our community, our country, our world.

Use our same limitless imaginations, creativity, tenacity, courage and belief to remain conscious, feeling, laughing, crying, playing, remembering and doing our parts, not matter that we are apart. 

Remember every elected and judicial officials, religious leaders, and business leader who delayed, dithered, and refused life-saving resources, blamed others. Engaged in shameless partisanship and took no responsibility for their behaviors. All have blood on their hands. OJ is awash in blood. 

Accept that we cannot reliably depend on any consistent or science based or public health based federal response and, should there be one, it will be way too late.

Support everyone to use our human and national ingenuity, courage, tenacity, and determination to survive and thrive. 

Value and appreciate everyone who saves and serves lives; medical professionals, scientists, first responders, all workers who support them, grocery clerks, delivery people, municipal workers, all of the people who are required and needed to stay on their jobs while we stay home.

Treasure your life and the lives of others.

Make a total commitment to save your life and the lives of others.

I go down my to-do list of self-care: meditate, eat well, rest well, get exercise, connect, connect, connect, stay home, except for the pharmacy & the grocery & then only with mask and gloves & when there are very few people about. Watch less TV, but stay informed. Laugh a lot. Channel fear and rage into expression, action and art. 

I put on Lizz Wright’s, Fellowship album. I listen to the whole album, but I repeat, “Presence of the Lord,” whenever it comes on. 

I continue to chronicle these times.

© Andrea Canaan, MSW, MFA


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