A Writer’s Life Membership Offerings, Links & Remuneration 

        A Writer’s Life Membership Offerings, Links & Remuneration 

Summer & Fall 2022

Monday AWL Just Write


Tuesday Women of Color Writer’s  Group  


Wednesday AWL Women’s Writers Group   


                                                       Member                 Non–Member

Membership                                                   $120.00

Individual Writing Practices               $70.00 per session      $85.00 per session

Monday Just Write                                         No Fee             $20.00 per session

Tuesday Women of Color Group                  No Fee             $40.00 per session                  

Wednesday Writing Group                 No Fee             $40.00 per session

Weekly Prompts                                             No Fee             No Fee

Fall Women of Color Away Camp     $1,200.00            $1,700.00        

October 27th through 30th, 2022

(Pay $450.00 deposit by September 1, 2022.  Contact me about committing to a payment plan if needed or desired. Let’s talk in our worth and delight.

Please make contribution to WOC Young Women of Color Writers. We pay full WOC Camp fees, child care, and transportation for young writing mothers of color and their young children . Please contribute as you can. A monthly contribution works as well. Please have others you know would delight in contributing to contact me. 

In Joy,


Andrea R. Canaan, MSW, MFA

1004 Diamante – Rio, Vista, Ca. 94571




Pay Here with PayPal    or          Venmo  @Andrea-Canaan-1

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