Morning Coffee

Pour water into the kettle and set it to boil as night softens into morning through the kitchen 

windows and patio doors

Place the enamel filter in the top of the blue and white speckled French coffee pot 

Fill coffee and chicory into the enamel chamber

Place the perforated lid in the chamber 

Place the coffee pot in a small pan half filled with water

Turn the flame on low to keep the coffee pot warm  

At the kettle’s first whisper, pour the hot water over the perforated lid slowly until the middle 

chamber is full 

I continue to pour until the pot is two-thirds full

Place the freckle blue top on the pot

While the coffee is dripping slide open the patio door

Breathe in the cool morning scents of lemon tree, ornamental pear tree, freshly mown grass

In the still rising morning sun, place a heavy cotton mint green place mat and napkin on the glass table

On the place mat set  a blue and white weeping willow patterned china demitasse cup, saucer  

and spoon

Place a jar of condensed milk next to the saucer 

Return to the kitchen

Remove the coffee pot from the pan 

Bring the pot to the patio.



Cherish the black brown liquid 

Spoon a dollop of condensed milk from the jar 

Stir and stir the brown-blackness and watch as it lightens to cocoa brown, dark tan, dark 

bronze, to liquid toffee 

Lift the cup to your lips 

Breathe in wisps of steam and deliciousness


As the morning continues to brighten into day, revel in the tastes of roasted beans, chicory, chocolate, and caramel

Linger in the ardent sweetness at the bottom of the cup. 

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