Winter Beginnings

A Writer’s Life – Winter Beginnings

Twenty Minute Daily Practices 

For Creative Rejuvenation and Sustenance

5 Minute Stretch or More

5 Minute Meditation or More

5 Minute Affirmations

  • Self I thank you for
  • Self I forgive you for
  • Self I commit to you that
  • Five Minute Write into Prompt or Other Creative Writing
  • Share Twenty Minute Daily Practices with a writing partner(s) for 
  • Support and Accountability
  • Text or email or call and say out loud your
  •  “I thank yous to support & accountability partner
  • Partner texts back: “Received”

A source for meditation follows:

The Great Bell Chant Thich Naht Hanh

Use your own music or meditation or affirmations or 

personal prayers or songs to support meditation as you wish

I will gladly be your Twenty Minute Daily Practices Writing Partner.


“Remember that sometimes 

not getting what you want is 

a wonderful stroke of luck.”  

–  Dalai Lama

January 1, 2023


I thank you for the  wind, 

Rain and cold as well as

Sun heat

Whatever the turnings of 

day and night bring for 

all of our living

I forgive you for not being

Present constantly, consistently, 

Conscientiously to receive the 

Gifts and teachings of our natural 


I commit to be 

More curious

More constant

More consistent

More  conscientious 

More respectful and in

More wonder in our natural worlds  

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